She´s covered with bliss and charm, but also a heart that is warm. She´s the girl that makes your heart beat, but not only cause she´s sweet. Sing her a special song, one that stays on her mind all night long. Share a good story, make her laugh, fully – not half. Tell her stories that you have not yet shared, don´t be afraid -she will care. Look deep into her eyes, let her know there are no lies. Show her what love really is, start with a kiss.


Looking out

Looking out over the city I see lights hitting the streets, imagine all the love that´s being shared, reflections discussed and laughter vibes out loud – Looking out over the city I see wind embracing the trees, imagine all emotions running wild for mature and young hearts, lovers looking into each-others eyes – Looking over the city I see movement, peace and vibration all in one, then I smile while thinking to myself; I am a really lucky one.

Today is the future

How is it that our patience can be stretched beyond reasonable time when a lover, friend or family connection need you to just wait and be there? How is it that small things become so enormously important trying to keep the love alive in everyday life? How is it that the time in your life when everything happens at once you find strength and courage to say, bring it on? How is it that when you feel the anger burning inside, you find your diplomatic calmness like a breeze in the heat to act rationally? How is it that the moment you smile you feel like crying because it is just not enough to smile, you feel like someone touched your heart, you are moved? How is it that all emotions seem to collaborate and give you your unique experiences, your thoughts that lead to action, making you into the person you are? 

I have many times asked myself the big “what if” – and yes, you elaborate a dream escaping into your own world creating scenarios to scenes, emotions to characters and looks in peoples eyes. But I have learned to think before I act, accepting emotions as a beautiful part of me, controlling the extremes and soaking in the wild. No recipe or conclusion, just live – day by day, because tomorrow will never be the same as today. 

Hoy es el futuro – today is the future.Image