Always the option, never the choice

Never when I ask, never when I need you to care- so I turn inwards, have no need to share. No need to be even more disappointed, more let down, so alone I shed my tears and watch them hit the ground. Always the option, second runner up- believe me, a girl know when she’s important enough. I can tell when my person is needed from the girl that’s just one text from bliss, but not the one that you long for and dream to kiss. For tonight I’m all soaked up in my own misery, but you’re not here, I doubt if you care. The storm will pass by, and again there will be silence and kind words- but tonight it all hurts.


Am I all in?

I don´t have any answers, but I always follow my heart.
The reason why we now feel closer than ever, is because we both want to find the forever.
I don´t know how it feels to be you, and much less if you will see the us through.
Are your intentions just light blue, colored by single moments that will be forgot – can your passion only handle hot?
I might continue to devote time, I might decide to opt out – maybe this is our last night?
I can only rely on my heart and how it affects my mind, just be aware that I need your time.
If our hours are well spent I cannot predict or guarantee, all I know is that for now, you have me.
I cannot help but wonder; If you offered me the world, would I say I´ll be your girl?

Alone in the city

As I am wandering though town, I hear the beat, but can’t follow the sound. As I am wandering without a destination, I feel scared and profound- have I lost my mind? As I am letting the anger rage through my mind, I repeat the words of an unkind. As I am existing while others walk on by, I still walk alone, I want to cry. As I observe lovers and friends, I make myself believe there is still a chance. As I continue down the street, why is it so difficult to greet? As I am embracing my own pity I realize; never have I felt so alone in my city.

Walking on air

My smile brightens, my thoughts becomes clear, as I leave knowing there’s no point on looking back and create a tear. My posture straightens, my legs feel strong, I walk – I have a new destination, without any frustration. Last time I walked away, it was when walking away from you, I cried, had the blues. Now I’m just walking on air, cause I have finally started to love me, I care.

Should I?

Should I choose the man in disguise, or the one that sees my light? Should I choose the one that is humble or the one with charm, which one will make less harm? Should I choose the one that brings out passion and lust, or the one I know I can trust? Should I say either you step it up, cause I’m about to have had enough. So many questions, it feels like too many cares- but why does it all just make me scared?


Everybody is playing the game, but nobody’s rules are the same. Better learn to go it alone, recognize it all on your own. Never make a promise or plan, take a little love where you can. Never stay to long in your bed, never lose your heart, use your head. Never take a strangers advice, never let a friend fool you twice. Never leave a moment to soon, never waste a hot afternoon. Never stay a minute to long, don’t pray the bet will go wrong. Never be the first to believe, never be the last to deceive.