special friend

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I was so sure, so certain in my case, but why do I continue to chase? Why is it so difficult to settle, trust and go with the flow? Am I afraid to loose control? Is it enough to accept that it all can’t be real, am I compromising on a bittersweet deal? Would I have the courage to share all emotions and grow together as one? Or would I wake up in the morning feeling I’ve lost myself, she’s gone? All the “what ifs” of the tour, why does it awaken my curiosity, do I want more? Is there anything such as to tame the wild? Would you even be content with mild? I have no answers only more questions come to mind, if you are a potential lover, or just a friend of mine. I’m seeking an adventure, one that never truly started, so why am I sitting here wondering if we would be broken hearted? It’s never just about a boy and the story of a difficult start, it’s true emotions, within a beating heart. Life seems to surprise me sometimes, then to only mess up my mind.


Elle est Belle


She can easily separate a man from a boy, and in life she focuses on joy. Imagine effort that will be erased, she is careful and has taste. This lady don´t like to be told, and knows that everything that shimmers isn´t gold. She chooses to be free, from a distance you can see. A posture so elegant, and a movement so strong, yet she moves like a soft song. For her, time has healed all the bad, now she does not even feel sad. She understood after heartbreak hotel that love can be a false spell. She realized all emotions are hidden inside, now she dares to wear them all with pride. One man after another comes to her door, and they are all begging for more. Explain how she is missed and ask if a decision can be undone, they all need her, she was fun. She has not decided what to believe, but know which ones to leave – again she is committed to feel. Not tempted by charm or power, you have to be more innovative than to show up with flowers. Not blinded by the act of face, only a true gentleman will see her in lace. Watch her pearls shine, breathe inn her smell, C’est magnifique; elle est belle.