… red …

… you looked at me surprised, all these feelings? and my eyes spoke no lies. when I said I have had enough, I know I really hit a weak spot. softly while whispering gently, you cached me back, putting on a really good act. and you manage to keep me hanging on, for your own pleasure, cause I´m you safe haven, the one that has seen your all. why can´t you show me some greatness?  why am I not the one? just say it, so I can move on. still, you are not man enough to wish me that much, not man enough to let go of my touch. just the tease that wants me to cling on, let history repeat itself on and on. all the tears have been cried, all the words have been said, I even wrote it down for you in red. respect that you are my weak point. I can imagine it feels pretty good to have someone like me, the one without demands, just completely lost with the hope of romance. yes, loving you no matter how cold you turn, heating your ego like a sunburn. the player that care for your own damn good, the preacher and pretender, the one that cannot surrender. it is difficult to let go, be able to say no, but admit it; you have known all along.



You feel strong, but not deep enough.

You speak, but forget to act.

You intend, but let it go.

You urge to please, but aim too low.

You promise, but fail to see it through.

You commit, but not entirely.

Feelings undecided, you act only when on a high.

You love her, when you let her go.

Closer together

Our hands braided together as we are lying close, bodies warm, just existing in one moment. Silence roar, the feeling of presence, I feel so safe. We share the same beat, fearless and open; on the top of the world. The kisses are intense and passion plays the role of karma. For one moment in our lives we are one. I close my eyes, accept this as one of our many stories, yet, it is the one I never understood.