Your touch

I chose to speak my mind, let you know how I feel,

cause to me it all felt so real.

I´ll never stop believing,

cause I want to experience all feelings.

But now the end, finally, the end,

we can both stop to pretend.

A closure, no more silly games,

who knows maybe we one day can be friends.

The emptiness will eventually fade away,

but the wounds will probably always stay.

I chose to love,

even though it can turn ice cold.

It hurts, I will admit that much,

never again will I feel your touch.


Friend of mine

My friend,

let everyone see you as I do,

build your dreams as if the world one day will live together in peace,

dare to feel, accept what is within you,

smile, so people can share your bright light,

laugh, let others listen to your inner sound,

even let the tears flow, they are real to you,

tell the truth, your experiences can only be colored by you,

allow your greatness to shine, show the world why you are a friend of mine.



The forever written

As always my mind keep telling me its time to MOVE ON,

Stay STRONG and just carry on.

It´s like you can breathe and sense that I am moving in another DIRECTION,

Then you TOSS a bate,

It´s like you´re working on team with FAITH.

Over and over we DANCE to the same beat,

But we never STOP to listen if our hearts beat.

We CARE, cause I know we both do,

But the difference is that I want you to be my ENDING,

And your INVITATION is only pending.

We can only go on for so long,

Doing a person we got LOVE for wrong,

My HOURGLASS is beginning to look empty,

I need the statement where you say I´m your BABY.

If you CARE enough you will let me go,

But what I hope is that you STATE your love.

It’s been to many YEARS of the game,

And we are both to BLAME.

Maybe I am the WEAK one that wants to be found,

Tell me its time to move my feet cause they are stuck on the GROUND.

As I am sitting here now I only HOPE you can find a way to make me see,

That FOREVER was never written for you and me…