– Your love –

I take one step forward, knowing that is the only way.

When the wind screams, I ask myself should I bow, give in, will it lead me astray?

I want to chose every step with strength and persistence,

but once burned, am I repeatedly justifying its my turn?

The limit between greatness and hitting the floor can be compared to the battle between the rich and the poor.

Emotions, feelings and senses, they are all there for a reason, they weigh life´s ups and downs, but when will symphony be my sound?

A masterpiece with the power of all elements, and I am the composer.  My own conductor, the musician, inventor and heart.

I have chosen this path and I have made a promise to myself, never to neglect my own self-respect.

The seasons will offer cold and heat, but never mistake it for your own heartbeat.

Life at times hit hard, swallow your pride, and let yourself know you will not hide.

Yet sometimes I am competing in the contest feeling like I am chasing perfection,

and at times in the heat of the game, I forget to encourage myself to be proud of who I am.

Me should be what there is to improve, everything else will only state me as a fool.

So I pull my head up, make my posture strong, cause deep down that strength is mine, its what I can rely on to move on.

Only then I believe my colors will shine, revealing what I already know, loving yourself makes you strong and it was there all along.