Irony of intention

Please continue to bring uncertainty to the table, makes me see that we are stabile. Please continue to ask questions when it suits you, makes me feel your intention is really true. Please continue to believe everything is ok, put shades on, hide away. Damn how you sense it all, how you allow me to audition for a play, like a poet with nothing say. The 80/20 rule still apply when not nurtured and important enough, do you really think I’m that tough? From a distance I see your priorities, post a picture on your wall, I’ll put a like on it so you’ll stand tall. Please continue to invite me after the dark, makes me feel like a walk in a park. Please continue to break off any appointment when it suits you to hang out with friends, makes me understand that you’re truly willing to spend. Please continue to avoid taking me out on dates, then you will make sure my hearts truly melts. Please continue to let silence be your escape, superman always hides in his cape. Please continue to ignore, even with your lips silent it makes it easier for me to want more. I said the passion had faded and you prove it every other week that might just be the case, I don’t hunt and I certainly do not chase. When you act like there’s a dusine of me around, please continue to play the ground.