Come as you are

I am strong, I am free, I chose to be everything I want to be. I judge myself, create my own standards, to many people slanderers. The world moves fast, but the pace, I create my own space.  Limitless, yet not hurt free, but I decide if I agree. A puppet-show or a true story, I decide the inventory. What I select to have and to hold, I cannot be told. What I feel is my path, cannot be solved by math. What I say and believe, feel free to misconceive. I repeat standards, words and solutions, don´t misunderstand that as an external revolution. Every morning I repeat to myself; you are the star, you can reach far, cause you come as you are.


Agree to disagree

The fighting, emotions pouring like a waterfall in the wild, whipping our hearts with words that should make us say goodbye. Give and take, compromise and analyze, the truth behind our outer charm, the anger makes us warm. But then some magic pulls us close together, we look at each-other, promising forever. The only day I hope we will never see, is when I look at you and you just look at me. Four eyes that meet, no emotions running wild, just silence and stare, that would make me really scared. That could be a sign of the end, and when I know I have lost my best friend. So I chose the feisty love, because even though it sounds weird, I know you respect me. We invest, allow the frustration to be set free, and dare to disagree, cause then I know you still invest in me as your love, and we continue together – we glow.