To be played by the time, as you´re not worth a dime.

When a guy says whatever to your face, he failed the study how to embrace.

Cause if you mean that little to him now, never expect him to ever know how.

Ignore my words if you wanna live on a fake cloud, but never say I didn´t say it out loud.

The feeling of hurt will be gone, the moment you set yourself on a throne.

The good girl that do as expected and told, never expresses the need to be hold.

Everyday life is organized; there are no fears, mostly hidden tears.

Cause women are expected to handle it all, never loose control and fall.

Be the trusted loyal part, don´t dare to feel what´s inside the heart.

That´s what most guys describe as complicated and complex, while acting all perplexed.

Calculate and analyze, but you´re to good to be paralyzed.

The boy that can´t keep his act together, is the one who deserve; the whatever.

Cause if you accept constantly to be put down, you will hit the ground.

Acknowledge yourself and the person you are, by starting to treat yourself as the star.

Cause people come and go all seasons, and ditch the guy with all wrong reasons.

If a friend acted the same way, the person would be described without shame.

Keep in mind that the moment you settle for less, your life will be a mess..


Your gesture

I believe in love, passion and pleasure, but never make me guess the next gesture.

Talk honest and in understandable words, cause I don´t need to get hurt.

Me giving you my all, is deep, straight and secretly hoping you fall.

Madly in love with who I am, saying you´ll be my man.

Stand by my side when challenges come, making me feel at home.

In return I´ll support you in every way, never leaving you on a highway.

Through chaos, frustration and dimensions of life, I´m the type you want as your wife.

Just know that I need you to talk, otherwise I´ll be the one who walks.

Out the door and never look back, cause once my attention is gone, you´ll stand all alone.

I´m a woman of qualities, for only a true man to see,

So I´m asking you to be the one who doesn´t disappoint me..

Love at first sight

I was sold when I looked into your eyes, they spoke no lies.

Not once have I ever been so fascinated by a smile, so I had to look for a while.

We danced and talked for hours,

I wanted to stop time – keep you as mine.

Knowing when to leave is like knowing when to love,

but somehow I know you would make me feel whole.

I appeard to late into your world,

and I would lie if I said it doesn´t hurt.

I´ve never felt so good, doing something so wrong.

I cannot compete with what you already have,

what you call life and the woman who´s your wife.

Your eyes spoke what your heart felt, it made me melt.

But you´re a man to hold, cause even when tempted you stood cold.

But what if we´re meant to be,

a couple in love for all eternity?

Pushing limits will not get us far, just hurt cause we´re apart.

So all I can say; honor your wife through life.

Cause then I can rest,

not wondering if I could win the contest.

If I ever meet a man like you, I know I´ll stay true.

Cause you are so amazing, my heart is racing.

You could be my one true love,

that´s why it hurt so.

All I know is that I´m breathing,

but it feels without meaning.