a new tradition

A story that is written objectively will just be words, never deep enough to show all worth.
A romance will never be real unless you intend to see it through, one will always ending up feeling blue.
A relationship that is not done right from the start will always contain a weak part.
A life without true passion will always be a bit cold, like a glass that is half full.
An acceptance of being put last, will make your future live in the past.
Money can buy you the world, but never warm you at night, I have never seen a star that shine so bright.
2014 will be my year, cause I have finally started to admit I care.
A year filled with traditions and hope, I dream about finding love and someone I really want to know.
A woman can only go on for so long when feeling her love is a fading storm.
You will always be on my mind, you blew me kisses, said it will all be fine.
For the first time I really understand what you meant and I will bring that to my next romance.


Love lost.

Love lost.

A closure, the end – nothing more to pretend. Hearing you breathing, for the first time it felt without meaning. Don’t tell me what to believe, how it was all your fault – this was just ice-cold. I scream my tears, cry my words, cause tonight it all really hurts.

Agree to disagree

The fighting, emotions pouring like a waterfall in the wild, whipping our hearts with words that should make us say goodbye. Give and take, compromise and analyze, the truth behind our outer charm, the anger makes us warm. But then some magic pulls us close together, we look at each-other, promising forever. The only day I hope we will never see, is when I look at you and you just look at me. Four eyes that meet, no emotions running wild, just silence and stare, that would make me really scared. That could be a sign of the end, and when I know I have lost my best friend. So I chose the feisty love, because even though it sounds weird, I know you respect me. We invest, allow the frustration to be set free, and dare to disagree, cause then I know you still invest in me as your love, and we continue together – we glow.

…shades of grey washes my intellect away…

The easiest control I can gain, is not having you in the game. You are to good to be true, and I secretly hope that behind the clouds heaven is always blue. A place where the sun warms and shines through, I know I will never find someone like you. The moment I can stop drawing illusions and dare to face a challenge, my life will be more balanced.  If I dare to believe in love again, is when saying to myself always give someone new a second chance. The shades of grey washes my intellect away. But between you and me, the most difficult part, is when I listen to my heart.

All in one..

…WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN, he can´t keep his mind on nothing else. He´ll trade the world for the good thing he´s found. If she´s bad he can´t see it, she can do no wrong. Turn his back on his best friend if he put her down. If she plays him for a fool, he´s the last one to know, loving eyes can´t ever see. But you could only go for so long, doing the one you claim to love wrong. True love is a gift, lightning don´t strike the same place twice. When you and I said goodbye, I felt the ANGELS CRY. If I should stay I would only be in your way, so I´ll go. But I know, I´ll think of you every step of the way. And I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Bittersweet memories that is all I´m taking with me. So good-bye, please don’t cry. We both know that I´m not what you need. But WHY DOES IT HURT SO BAD, why do I feel so sad, thought I was over you. But why do I keep crying when I don´t love you? Got to get you out of my head, because it hurt so bad. I can´t live WITHOUT YOU, I can´t give anymore if living is without you. SO SICK of love songs, so tired of tears, so done with wishing you were still here. So sad and slow, so why can´t I turn off the radio? Leave me alone, stupid love songs, I´m letting go, turning off the radio.. It MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE, but it´s over now. It was all that I wanted, but now I´m living without. If roses are ment to be red, and violets to be blue. Why isn´t my heart meant for you? My heart are longing to touch you, but I can barely breath. LOST in this world, I even get lost in this song. Mister inaccessible, will this ever change? Where the lights go down, that´s where I´ll be found. UNBREAK MY HEART, say you love me again. It´s been months, and for some reason I just can´t get over us, I´m stronger than this, enough is enough. No more walking around with my head down, I´m so over being blue, crying over you.I´m done with this, feeling like an idiot. Loving you I´m over it. Never thought you would lose my love this way, but now YOU ARE SO YESTERDAY…