a new tradition

A story that is written objectively will just be words, never deep enough to show all worth.
A romance will never be real unless you intend to see it through, one will always ending up feeling blue.
A relationship that is not done right from the start will always contain a weak part.
A life without true passion will always be a bit cold, like a glass that is half full.
An acceptance of being put last, will make your future live in the past.
Money can buy you the world, but never warm you at night, I have never seen a star that shine so bright.
2014 will be my year, cause I have finally started to admit I care.
A year filled with traditions and hope, I dream about finding love and someone I really want to know.
A woman can only go on for so long when feeling her love is a fading storm.
You will always be on my mind, you blew me kisses, said it will all be fine.
For the first time I really understand what you meant and I will bring that to my next romance.


To my handsome man

The only mask I can consider to put on, is the one you´ve seen all along.

The only lie I can be tempted to tell, is when saying you haven´t put me under a spell.

The only affair I can ever pursue, is loving all sides of you.

The only look I can take in another direction, is when you are far, hoping you´re looking at the same star.

The only tear I can try to hide, is because you´re not by my side.

The only game I´m willing to start, is the one giving you a piece of my heart.

The only truth I will make sure you see, is me loving you for all eternity.