Love lost.

Love lost.

A closure, the end – nothing more to pretend. Hearing you breathing, for the first time it felt without meaning. Don’t tell me what to believe, how it was all your fault – this was just ice-cold. I scream my tears, cry my words, cause tonight it all really hurts.


Friend of mine

My friend,

let everyone see you as I do,

build your dreams as if the world one day will live together in peace,

dare to feel, accept what is within you,

smile, so people can share your bright light,

laugh, let others listen to your inner sound,

even let the tears flow, they are real to you,

tell the truth, your experiences can only be colored by you,

allow your greatness to shine, show the world why you are a friend of mine.



“The us”

When you´re lonely, you turn to me making me believe I am your only.

When I give you my all,  you don´t catch me, but let me fall.

Not madly in love with who you are, but showing the kind of love that leaves my heart scared.

So if I am ready to proceed, indeed…

Alone, to follow my dreams building me into becoming the best person I can be, one day you will see.

I hope you understand that this is my little secret protest, cause to me; “the us” has never been any form of contest.

I offered you me, my thoughts, my heart, that´s the scary part.

But I will rather be the person chasing passion and true love, cause the world can be so superficial and ice-cold.

I have to carry my own steps and choose my path, always believe that somewhere out there someone will wish we never spend time apart.

Thank you for taking time, showing me the highs and lows, finally my passion glows.

It shines through, cause I know it will never be us two.