Silent Warrior

love sound
We lye still, the silence roar through the room as a soothing song, two bodies, warm and close, just holding each-others hands, feeling every inch, hearing hearts beat, for just this moment that is all we have, our own private safe world. Aware that there are things to be said, stories to be told and reality to be consumed – when existing together without sharing words its allowed, its approved, just for a short while, borrowed time. Even when so close, minds are miles apart, we both know you have to go, and this time go far, its emotions, but the disappointment is not between us, another person is the one that will kiss you goodbye. One moment captures two individuals, our physical attraction, the silent consent, cause the laughter has died out, and our lust is controlled by distance, even when braided together. I taste your lips, smell you one last time, then I let you go, for now, with all memories burned to mind, I hold you close, hug you with all my empathy, I really don’t feel like letting you go, yet I say that it will all be fine. Seconds become minutes, turn into hours, then days, always on my mind, every single day. It’s hard to let someone go, be the one that breaks away, the one that will not fight, when he touched your heart and you felt like offering him a part.



I collect great friends; the ones that no matter what stays the same.

We courage each-other to live and pursue, see obstacle and challenges through.

And sometimes even the best fall, then the others make sure applause roar.

To experience all sides also mean to reveal the things you urge to hide.

A true friend never judge you based on external content, they will rather ask you what you meant.

One by one we keep the memories alive, together we have decided to stay true to our drive.

Nothing fancy, just honest and humble – cause everyone in life at some point stumble.

I might not have it all, but I know I have what I need – my circle, we help each-other succeed.