My morning




The sunlight wakes me up, teasing through the light curtains. Silence roars this bright early morning, it reveals its gentleness through the wind, capturing it all, I lie still and allow it all to sink in. The rich warm water caressing my naked body, I feel alive and free – ready to cease another day; do it my way. Soft cotton embraces my shoulders, the smell so fresh; water lily’s and honey makes me melt.  I find the softest materials to put on when I dress – maybe this is the day to impress. Coffee in the morning sun, shoulders feels relaxed, glory in mind, the genuine feeling of wanting to act kind. Then I hit the city streets in heels, music on the ear; whispering lyrics of love and passion through its beat. People passing by, today I give them my brightest smile. 


A sleepless night

The lights are turned off, I am suppose to sleep, but I am lying here listening to my own heartbeat. My inner goddess burns with desire and lust, the passion; for me it is a must. The love, the attention, the power and game, finding someone who stays the same. One person that I can trust and respect – a gentleman and best friend, a man that will stay with me to the end. I still know I am the selfish kind, the woman that can push any man to the ground. Is it me that acts without shame, or haven´t I met the man yet that can have me tamed? All I know is that my soul is longing to be found, the kind that will make my head spin around. But for tonight, another sleepless night. I am picturing the fairytale with the perfect start – the one where you catch but also release my heart…



“The us”

When you´re lonely, you turn to me making me believe I am your only.

When I give you my all,  you don´t catch me, but let me fall.

Not madly in love with who you are, but showing the kind of love that leaves my heart scared.

So if I am ready to proceed, indeed…

Alone, to follow my dreams building me into becoming the best person I can be, one day you will see.

I hope you understand that this is my little secret protest, cause to me; “the us” has never been any form of contest.

I offered you me, my thoughts, my heart, that´s the scary part.

But I will rather be the person chasing passion and true love, cause the world can be so superficial and ice-cold.

I have to carry my own steps and choose my path, always believe that somewhere out there someone will wish we never spend time apart.

Thank you for taking time, showing me the highs and lows, finally my passion glows.

It shines through, cause I know it will never be us two.