A woman’s worth

“All boys dream about a woman like you, but there is only one, you are really one of a kind – who would have thought that I should be so lucky , who would know that you would be mine?… wake up, press stop on my watch – we might be five more minutes; I know we are both busy, but why can’t we just stay here … suddenly we discovered the everyday life, even though we both said it was impossible for the two of us; our eyes forever in love, our minds forever attracted, our souls forever friends – perhaps it was naive to think? … My woman, please look at me now, you know I’m still so ridiculously in love – I can´t believe you are still here, close to me, next to me, with me – it´s all to much to breath in, unreal to comprehend … you are so adorable … I lie here while you are still sleeping and thinking to myself how lucky I am to wake up with the world’s most beautiful woman again … remember how the two of us could spend all night to talk about nothing … Suddenly it was waking up early, out the door, late home and hit the sack, one day I even packed my bags, stood up , ‘I ‘m not coming back ‘… how could I be saying that shit when I know deep inside; you are the one that I want! I could say it never will ‘ become ‘ the same – that we have argued for the last time … but I know you´re worth the fight, ever since the Stupid I have realized that we can´t be picture perfect, we both know its madness; crazy, stupid, but its our kind of love … Please look at me now, you know it’s still us against the whole world and you should know that I would do it all again for a woman like you, I was even thinking we could settle down…you are the very first thing I want to see, the reason why I hurry home, even if you are driving me crazy at times; you the one I love and my best friend … Now I lie still before we go to sleep and think to myself how lucky I am, and that I can say goodnight to the world’s most beautiful woman, again, today…”

Love her today, tomorrow she might be gone.




A new year to enter;
I´m leaving some thoughts behind.
All I want is to be happy,
find peace of mind.
Let laughter fill out every void;
don’t waste time on being annoyed.
Smile a little brighter each day,
look for good things and make them stay.
Engage in some great conversations,
across cultures, beyond nations.
Say yes when I really feel like saying no;
dare to dream, dare to grow.
Here´s to a fresh start;
use your mind and follow your heart.


Remember gentle words

Dear friend, you are my person, whom I admire and trust, all you deserve is to be sprinkled with stardust. Your tremendous ability to care and treat people well, you deserve it all in return, put yourself under a spell. Speak gently to your inner soul; sometimes we all need to be reminded that it’s ok to grow. If you feel like having space, remember never to beat yourself up with inner rage. Repeat kind words as you were speaking to a dear friend of yours, find motivation, point out your own course. Sometimes your sense of direction gets off track in the heat, close your eyes, listen; your heart still beats. Soak in the beauty of visual surroundings and the hidden depth, cause you’re an important part to my life, and I will always treat you with respect. When you use your inner words to reflect on a choice, please be gentle, use a kind voice. To me your friendship is beyond reason to explain, close to my heart you will always remain.

My morning




The sunlight wakes me up, teasing through the light curtains. Silence roars this bright early morning, it reveals its gentleness through the wind, capturing it all, I lie still and allow it all to sink in. The rich warm water caressing my naked body, I feel alive and free – ready to cease another day; do it my way. Soft cotton embraces my shoulders, the smell so fresh; water lily’s and honey makes me melt.  I find the softest materials to put on when I dress – maybe this is the day to impress. Coffee in the morning sun, shoulders feels relaxed, glory in mind, the genuine feeling of wanting to act kind. Then I hit the city streets in heels, music on the ear; whispering lyrics of love and passion through its beat. People passing by, today I give them my brightest smile. 

I will leave the light on.


They say that the extremes are what really captures humans attention, that it is sometimes easier to feel strong when you feel provocation, hate, love, hurt, happiness – in any form, just as long as it is that one-of-a-kind, over-the-top, the too-good-to-be-true, that uncontrollable extreme. I can be the first to admit that everyday life at times can be so routine and boring that I urge to dramatize my life into becoming more action-filled, probably almost to a level where it is comparable to a thriller-drama-chick-flick-romantic-comedy. I laugh, and sometimes I cry – to only maybe figure out why. But when, and is it even possible to be content, furthermore happy with everyday life – the government grey, the predictable monday to friday? How is it that you sometimes wish you could be the average Julie, the girl that knew from age 15 what she wanted to be when she grew up, the girl that found a stable man while studying to only move in with him when around 25-ish. The kind of girl that works hard, is always understanding, loving and caring, spends her weekends baking cupcakes and going to the movies with her boyfriend. During her studies she got the right internships, and graduated top five of her class and after two job applications got that stabile, 8-4 work schedule and still have time for baking cupcakes? I still have to add that she is the same girl who travels Europe the summer when she turns twenty-eight, she travels with her boyfriend to only understand that they are more in love than ever (!!), and to discover herself on the top of the Eiffeltower or in front of the Fountain de Trevi with a 2 carat diamond-ring on her finger that he got from his mother. Listening to myself writing this, to be honest it bores me, does it bore you? Cause reality strikes, I would say it sometimes hit pretty hard. How many people do I know with that story, how many Julie´s do you know? Maybe more than me, but gosh – do I have great friends. Friends that have taken their ups and downs, laughed a little, cried a little. Friends that have woken up with a banging head-ache to only look into the hair of the charming boy they met last night while drinking tequila shots in his messy bachelor crib. Friends that did not finish top five at the university, maybe they didn´t enroll at all. Friends that have had their heart torn in ways I cannot even describe. Friends that did not get their career calling when aged fifteen, and still haven’t, even though they are passed twenty-ten. Friends that does not look like Victoria Secret models or Calvin Klein hunks when they wake up in the morning, or even after being to the spa. Friends that live in one-bed apartments because buying another is out of their economic range. Friends that have been played and played back, even some that have cheated and said hurtful things, and friends that don’t bake. It might be too honest and noting like we like to admit – but they are all so real – with flaws and all, I love them, unconditionally. But I will admit this much; between you and me, sometimes I wish I was her, the perfect Julie, because she does not on paper live the extremes, she is only drawn as an illusion by me, cause I know so few like her. With all her perfectness in life, she becomes an extreme in a society where the less charming reality strikes..
I will continue to travel the world, be kind of un-predictable at times, make my own case-studies, search for love that makes my knees like jello, collect friends with all flaws because they accept all of mine. The stories, I have a few, and they have allowed me to appreciate a specter of emotions, situations, people and all that life keeps on giving – the extremes you say? Normal…Never did I know how much I love you.



Once up on a time there was a girl from a small town in a cold country up North. She was lucky and used all her time to travel and see the world, spend time with family and friends, she read books and really enjoyed life. One day when she had traveled really far she met a boy, they danced for hours and hours, talked, and she gave him a calendar. The next day she had to travel to another place, so he gave her his e-mail. The girl thought that she would never see him again. She continued life, studying, traveling the world and working like she knew nothing else. The boy, her special friend, that she had shared a dance with years earlier always stayed on her mind. They even sent some e-mails back and forth. But then again she met a boy. He insisted on taking her out, because he had never seen or known anyone that charming. Some days went by, and she felt something was not right. And if there was one thing she had learnt it was how to communicate, so she did. She communicated how important it is to open and honest, humble, caring and loving . When she was younger, she had heard all the stories on how a princess meets her prince, how they got married and lived happily ever after. The girl sat down and let all thoughts run through her mind, she thought for a really long time. And suddenly realized she had met yet another frog. So she decided to continue to study and work, read books, and travel the world while she understood that her prince had not yet appeared. She decided from that day that if you ever settle for less, you get even less then what you settle for. And if the prince charming one day arrives, she will know, because there will be no more “what if” only “when we”. The end.

special friend

20130923-120152 AM.jpg

I was so sure, so certain in my case, but why do I continue to chase? Why is it so difficult to settle, trust and go with the flow? Am I afraid to loose control? Is it enough to accept that it all can’t be real, am I compromising on a bittersweet deal? Would I have the courage to share all emotions and grow together as one? Or would I wake up in the morning feeling I’ve lost myself, she’s gone? All the “what ifs” of the tour, why does it awaken my curiosity, do I want more? Is there anything such as to tame the wild? Would you even be content with mild? I have no answers only more questions come to mind, if you are a potential lover, or just a friend of mine. I’m seeking an adventure, one that never truly started, so why am I sitting here wondering if we would be broken hearted? It’s never just about a boy and the story of a difficult start, it’s true emotions, within a beating heart. Life seems to surprise me sometimes, then to only mess up my mind.