Once up on a time there was a girl from a small town in a cold country up North. She was lucky and used all her time to travel and see the world, spend time with family and friends, she read books and really enjoyed life. One day when she had traveled really far she met a boy, they danced for hours and hours, talked, and she gave him a calendar. The next day she had to travel to another place, so he gave her his e-mail. The girl thought that she would never see him again. She continued life, studying, traveling the world and working like she knew nothing else. The boy, her special friend, that she had shared a dance with years earlier always stayed on her mind. They even sent some e-mails back and forth. But then again she met a boy. He insisted on taking her out, because he had never seen or known anyone that charming. Some days went by, and she felt something was not right. And if there was one thing she had learnt it was how to communicate, so she did. She communicated how important it is to open and honest, humble, caring and loving . When she was younger, she had heard all the stories on how a princess meets her prince, how they got married and lived happily ever after. The girl sat down and let all thoughts run through her mind, she thought for a really long time. And suddenly realized she had met yet another frog. So she decided to continue to study and work, read books, and travel the world while she understood that her prince had not yet appeared. She decided from that day that if you ever settle for less, you get even less then what you settle for. And if the prince charming one day arrives, she will know, because there will be no more “what if” only “when we”. The end.


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