special friend

20130923-120152 AM.jpg

I was so sure, so certain in my case, but why do I continue to chase? Why is it so difficult to settle, trust and go with the flow? Am I afraid to loose control? Is it enough to accept that it all can’t be real, am I compromising on a bittersweet deal? Would I have the courage to share all emotions and grow together as one? Or would I wake up in the morning feeling I’ve lost myself, she’s gone? All the “what ifs” of the tour, why does it awaken my curiosity, do I want more? Is there anything such as to tame the wild? Would you even be content with mild? I have no answers only more questions come to mind, if you are a potential lover, or just a friend of mine. I’m seeking an adventure, one that never truly started, so why am I sitting here wondering if we would be broken hearted? It’s never just about a boy and the story of a difficult start, it’s true emotions, within a beating heart. Life seems to surprise me sometimes, then to only mess up my mind.


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