Unproven is not unseen

The unproven is not always the unseen, but the certainness of a soul must be that it is has more than a single goal. A situation described as black versus white, is it always worth a fight? Sometimes the shades of grey is forever to stay. Some things are written in stone, but it can still disappear, be gone. Greediness of a rich or the begging of a poor is both to obtain more. A smile can be an expression of silent consent, but can also hide that you are not content. Cheating to pursue passion and a moment of joy, does it mean you are ice cold? Are people living by the rules more receivable for fun, have their life even begun? When you’re feeling sad tears relief, is it also a sign of grief? Temptation is like tease, it flashes only a short moment to please. The act of thinking little to nothing is a state of mind, you have to concentrate to leave all thoughts behind. And when the anger builds, is it the same energy used when climbing hills? When you turn to the first and only, does it mean that your lonely? When another person gives you a piece of their heart, smile, is it a start. Remember the moments that grow you into a better person, friend, sister or lover, only then you will truly discover. Smile to an unknown on the street, don’t be afraid to greet. Passion, pleasure and pain, choose wisely in your game…


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