The forever written

As always my mind keep telling me its time to MOVE ON,

Stay STRONG and just carry on.

It´s like you can breathe and sense that I am moving in another DIRECTION,

Then you TOSS a bate,

It´s like you´re working on team with FAITH.

Over and over we DANCE to the same beat,

But we never STOP to listen if our hearts beat.

We CARE, cause I know we both do,

But the difference is that I want you to be my ENDING,

And your INVITATION is only pending.

We can only go on for so long,

Doing a person we got LOVE for wrong,

My HOURGLASS is beginning to look empty,

I need the statement where you say I´m your BABY.

If you CARE enough you will let me go,

But what I hope is that you STATE your love.

It’s been to many YEARS of the game,

And we are both to BLAME.

Maybe I am the WEAK one that wants to be found,

Tell me its time to move my feet cause they are stuck on the GROUND.

As I am sitting here now I only HOPE you can find a way to make me see,

That FOREVER was never written for you and me…


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