Symphony of Silence

The sound of silence can be the nicest symphony, the one very moment that allows you to let thoughts run through your mind without interruption or words of any kind. Body and soul feels blessed when thoughts run wild, just being able to dream and feel free, not for anyone else to see. Your imagination paint pretty pictures, using colors beyond schemes, creating your own themes. Things you remember as shades of grey can also be black or white, but your imagination can crayon it with sunlight. Your private time where all impressions and meanings make sense, cause you are the writer, editor and reviewer of your intensions and its elegance. Good things becomes greater and are kept as memories, while the sad ones are put to rest, reminding yourself that life is not an outward contest. Challenges are not filed to be forgotten, but they should not lead your every step treating all aspects as suspects. The one who can master the role of forgiveness understands that there are more to life than right or wrong, it shows you are strong. Dreams created in mind, are private and one of a kind. They are there to make sure you keep on pursuing, cause everyone else usually have a meaning – about who you are, what you should and should not do, but dreams are only for you. The beauty is within, and its up to you to invite people in…


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