To be played by the time, as you´re not worth a dime.

When a guy says whatever to your face, he failed the study how to embrace.

Cause if you mean that little to him now, never expect him to ever know how.

Ignore my words if you wanna live on a fake cloud, but never say I didn´t say it out loud.

The feeling of hurt will be gone, the moment you set yourself on a throne.

The good girl that do as expected and told, never expresses the need to be hold.

Everyday life is organized; there are no fears, mostly hidden tears.

Cause women are expected to handle it all, never loose control and fall.

Be the trusted loyal part, don´t dare to feel what´s inside the heart.

That´s what most guys describe as complicated and complex, while acting all perplexed.

Calculate and analyze, but you´re to good to be paralyzed.

The boy that can´t keep his act together, is the one who deserve; the whatever.

Cause if you accept constantly to be put down, you will hit the ground.

Acknowledge yourself and the person you are, by starting to treat yourself as the star.

Cause people come and go all seasons, and ditch the guy with all wrong reasons.

If a friend acted the same way, the person would be described without shame.

Keep in mind that the moment you settle for less, your life will be a mess..


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