Your gesture

I believe in love, passion and pleasure, but never make me guess the next gesture.

Talk honest and in understandable words, cause I don´t need to get hurt.

Me giving you my all, is deep, straight and secretly hoping you fall.

Madly in love with who I am, saying you´ll be my man.

Stand by my side when challenges come, making me feel at home.

In return I´ll support you in every way, never leaving you on a highway.

Through chaos, frustration and dimensions of life, I´m the type you want as your wife.

Just know that I need you to talk, otherwise I´ll be the one who walks.

Out the door and never look back, cause once my attention is gone, you´ll stand all alone.

I´m a woman of qualities, for only a true man to see,

So I´m asking you to be the one who doesn´t disappoint me..


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