Love at first sight

I was sold when I looked into your eyes, they spoke no lies.

Not once have I ever been so fascinated by a smile, so I had to look for a while.

We danced and talked for hours,

I wanted to stop time – keep you as mine.

Knowing when to leave is like knowing when to love,

but somehow I know you would make me feel whole.

I appeard to late into your world,

and I would lie if I said it doesn´t hurt.

I´ve never felt so good, doing something so wrong.

I cannot compete with what you already have,

what you call life and the woman who´s your wife.

Your eyes spoke what your heart felt, it made me melt.

But you´re a man to hold, cause even when tempted you stood cold.

But what if we´re meant to be,

a couple in love for all eternity?

Pushing limits will not get us far, just hurt cause we´re apart.

So all I can say; honor your wife through life.

Cause then I can rest,

not wondering if I could win the contest.

If I ever meet a man like you, I know I´ll stay true.

Cause you are so amazing, my heart is racing.

You could be my one true love,

that´s why it hurt so.

All I know is that I´m breathing,

but it feels without meaning.


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