I secretly admire a man

What separates a man from a boy is that he´s finished playing with girls like toys. A man looks for the girl behind the face of a woman, to see a person and mind, not a body and a behind.

A man suits up, walk tall into a room, and with just one look, he makes you bloom.

A man amazes you on a distance, pull you close when you´re hurt, sharing of all life’s aspects with honesty and respect.

I admire a man of few words, so when he speaks I know it will never hurt. The thoughts behind expressions made, are with integrity and trust – like an angle is sharing of its dust.

Anything that comes out loud makes me feel like I´m walking on a cloud. Even when frustration or anger shows, he´s always able to control. Never raises the hand of power to your face, only uses both arms to embrace.

A true man expresses from his soul, to let you know he´s whole. Even with flaws and imperfections, cause you make him feel there will be no rejection.

He greets people with importance, each and everyone, even those who stand-alone. His heart is shown when he speaks his mind, words of a kind. Expressing gratitude and respect, never steps on toes to prove his intellect.

It could be I´m losing sense, or because you bedazzle me with your elegance. Can you be my elegant man, my one true fan?  Never wanting to let me go, because you love me so.

I secretly admire a man, and I can´t wait until the day I´ll walk into the room, looking into the eyes of my groom.


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