My storytelling

A moment of loneliness made me sink low,

Loose all control.

The need of your words, it hurts.

Sometimes so present and loving,

But the caring, you´re not sharing.

It´s like a Russian roulette of attention,

So high, then so low.

Boy, I´m loosing my glow.


Your desire of my person, body and grace,

The words you repeat to my face.

Yet the lack of commitment is answer enough,

I need to make this stop.


I fell for the bad boy,

The one who kept me as a toy.

But now our ending is no longer pending.

If it’s good or bad?

Be prepared to feel sad.


Wanna learn a thing or two?

In a game where rules aren’t made by you?

I dare you to join, without throwing a coin.

Your mother taught you to treat girls good,

But in your hood,

I guess guys agree they don´t should.


You´ll never find a girl like me,

Cause I stick to reality.

Your wicked game, should make you feel ashamed.

Can I give you a tip?

Treat people nice if you´re so damn hip.

Then people will like whom they see,

And don´t get all confused like me.


Fly outta my life, don´t come back, you´ve just been sacked.

Hurt, doesn´t it?

Just a little bit?

Now you´ve meet yourself in the door,

And your two-faced act will no longer make me react.


Let time go by, let me be the star,

This time I´ll promise to go far.

Out of sight, out of mind,

You´re no longer a friend of mine.

Don´t show up on at my door, begging me for more.

I wish you all the best, but now; let us rest.

Let me protect the little I have left, show me some respect.

You wont control this ending,

Cause this is my storytelling.


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