All feelings

Can you be my never-ending story,

let me into your deepest glory?

Show all feelings, good and bad,

even those who make you feel sad?

I know its much to ask of you,

but I´ll stay true.

Play hide and seek only make us weak.

I can promise you devotion, tenderness and care,

so you can feel free to share.

What I can give you is my all,

so you can feel proud, then stand tall.

Open up to another person require courage and a feeling of trust,

in life I think its a must.

Being an individual with no flaws,

only state that you live by laws.

I don´t want my speciality,

only to be drawn as an illusion of reality.

Strike me as a man, friend and lover,

I don´t wanna judge a book by its cover.

Open up and share reflections,

that will bring out my affection.

Be a man about seeing all me,

upfront and honestly..


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