My Ending With You

A beautiful face stares at me in the morning with grace.That´s the memory I keep in my space. Our connection and laughs, why couldn´t it last?

Your presence made my heart spin around, I was aroused by the sound. Paint me a pretty picture and open your heart, make me feel like I´m your start.

I know I´m the one who went away, so that´s why I wanna say; what we have is yet to discover, so take a chance with me, and you´ll see. Our second chance will make us dance. Nothing fancy, yet really true, can that be my ending with you?

I need a written invitation, cause your body language I can´t read, and your tender words make my brain not to believe. So what should I do? Cause, honestly – my words make me realize I´m really into you.

I went away to fulfill my intellect, did I loose or gain your respect? Is the distance of miles greater than my smiles? So is it true? I´m asking you.. Do all beautiful things comes to an end, or weren´t you able to spend more time in our game?

Your affection I cannot control and I will not continue to patrol, my own feelings in despair, if you´re not here. Tell me boy, are you in my heart? If not, I must accept we belong apart. The truth can be painful, but its still the truth, that´s all I´m asking of you.


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